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Today’s mechanical engineers are working across technologies and disciplines to solve some of society’s toughest problems.  The department answers the need for professional skills and talents with an intense program that provides depth in fundamental mechanical engineering areas and breadth in emerging cross-boundary areas of mechanical engineering leadership. Academic activity is balanced with hands-on research opportunities to give our graduates the ability to frame complex problems and collaborate widely across organizations.

Our diverse student body currently includes post-doctoral researchers, part-time students and over 300 full-time graduate students. At the graduate level, the department offers both one-year course work and two-year research oriented Master's degrees, as well as a research-oriented Ph.D. degree. Our low student/faculty ratio makes for a close-knit and exciting environment for research and mentoring. For more information on degree options and the application process, students are encouraged to contact MechE Graduate Admissions.

Graduate Research Activities
Research is an important component of graduate education. In contrast to graduate courses, which typically consider multiple topics or applications, graduate research allows students to learn by studying a single problem in-depth, in close collaboration with a faculty member. Much of our research activity can be loosely categorized into the discipline areas listed in the Graduate Degree Programs section.

Research projects of individual faculty are described under links for each faculty member on our Faculty Directory. A concise one-page listing of research topics in the department is part of the online application.

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The department strives to be a safe and inclusive environment.  Read the statement of assurance for more information.