Carnegie Mellon University

Current Students

Spring 2023 Cohort

Student Internship Major(s)

Malak Alseaf

Georgetown University Center for Security and Emerging Technologies Information Systems

Eli Achtzehn

Democratic National Committee  Ethics, History & Public Policy

Mary (Effie) Akinyi Oluoch

mEducation Alliance

Business Administration
Caleb Brobst White House Council of Economic Advisors Economics and Politics
Elmy Chen Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Decision Science
Ava Folloni Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Engineering/ Engineering and Public Policy
Joyce Lee US Supreme Court - Clerk's Office International Relations and Politics
Ashley Onuigbo US Department of Commerce Business Administration
Simone Rothstein Eisen PLLC Ethics, History & Public Policy
Marcus So-Holloway Association for Diplomacy Studies and Training International Relations and Politics
Sofia Torrenegra US Department of Commerce International Relations and Politics
Riley Wallace American Foreign Policy Council International Relations and Politics