Carnegie Mellon University

Minor in Politics and Public Policy

Rooted in the discipline of political science, the minor in Politics and Public Policy investigates US public policy issues and other matters of domestic politics while providing students hands-on and practical learning experiences. Students pursuing the Politics and Public Policy minor must participate in the Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program for one semester during their undergraduate experience.


Core Seminars

Students must take the following two courses while participating in the CMU/WSP (24 units):

84-360 CMU/WSP Internship Seminar (12 units)
84-450 Policy Seminar (12 units)

Elective Seminars

Students must take 24 units from the below list of elective seminars offered in the CMU/WSP. Offerings vary by semester (24 units):

84-330 The Shading of Democracy: The Influence of Race on American Politics
84-331 Money, Media, and the Power of Data in Decisionmaking
84-332 Effects of US Policy on Businesses: Perspectives of Asian Americans
84-333 Power and Levers for Change in Washington, DC
84-334 Presidential Power in a Constitutional System
84-335 Intelligence and Policy
84-336 Implementing Public Policy: From Good Idea to Reality
84-337 Biomedical Science Research, Policy, and Governance
84-338 Media and Politics: Political News Coverage in the Era of Trump, Twitter, and "Fake News"
84-339 Seminar in Public Policy Research
84-340 Making Change: How Organized Interests Work in Washington
84-343 Language and Power: How to Understand and Use Political Speech
84-346 Legal Issues in Public Administration
84-348 Advocacy, Policy, and Practice

Foundational Course

Students select one course from the following list of courses offered at Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh or Qatar campus.  Students may take this course before or after participating in the CMU/WSP (9 units):

84-104 Decision Processes in American Political Institutions
84-275 Comparative Politics
84-326 Theories of International Relations

Economics Requirement

Students must complete one of the following courses.  Students may take this course before or after participating in the CMU/WSP. Excluded from all double-counting rules.

84-110 Foundations of Political Economy
73-102 Principles of Microeconomics
73-103 Principles of Macroeconomics