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What can you do with an IPS degree?

Ask Jacki Cortese, who graduated in 2012 with an additional major in International Relations and Politics. She now works for Blue Origin, a civilian spaceflight company. Internships helped her get there.

“I literally typed – this is not a joke – typed into Google, ‘space history internships,’ not kidding, and the NASA history program office and headquarters in DC popped up,” Cortese said. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is cool.’” 

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Ask Devin Gund, who graduated in 2018, is now a software engineer at Apple and an Air Force Reserve intelligence officer. His experiences to date have given him a sense of purpose.

“I basically want to build things that help other people,” he said. “There’s a lot of problems out in the world. There always will be. If I can use my problem-solving skills to help those grander problems on the world stage, then I’m really interested in doing that.”

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Ask Yulin Kuang. “I think it’s a blessing that I ended up at CMU, because if I had gone to a film school or something like that, I probably would have been handing off my screenplays to other directors and they would have been directing it, and I never would have discovered for myself that I love directing,” said Kuang, a screenwriter and director who graduated in 2012 with degrees in International Relations and Politics and Creative Writing.

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Ask Alex Pasch. While studying International Relations and Politics at Carnegie Mellon, Pasch became interested in substantive security issues and wanted to learn more, so she obtained a Master of Science in International Relations and Politics.

“The professors are phenomenal,” she said. “They’re fantastic mentors and resources. I think professors are the game-changers of your entire experience."

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Ask Corinne Rockoff. She graduated in 2014 with degrees in International Relations and Politics and Psychology. While at CMU, she was a student body vice president, a member of CMU Mock Trial, a teaching assistant, and a director with Scotch ‘n’ Soda Theater.

“It’s a lot easier when you are passionate about everything that you’re doing to squeeze it all in,” she said. 

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