Carnegie Mellon University

Participation in the Washington Program Consortium


The Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program staff, Project Administrator Grant Loftesnes and Program Manager Meghan Mattern, take a leadership role in the Washington Program Consortium, a forum for higher-education programs in Washington, DC to discuss programming, trends, and best practices. Founded after the September 11 attacks to address safety and security, the WPC, fosters professional development, networking, and collaboration. 

Loftesnes is a member of the Steering Committee, which leads the organization and sets the agenda. Carnegie Mellon's office space in Washington, DC hosted a meeting before the COVID-19 pandemic relegated the WPC meetings to a virtual format. Among his initiatives are the improvement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in student life. 

Office space in the nation's capital


In October 2019, the Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program and DC headquarters of the Institute for Politics and Strategy expanded within the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill.


The United Methodist Building, which is located across the street from the Supreme Court and Capitol, includes office space for a number of organizations as well as private residences for several prominent members of Congress. Within the CMU-DC office suite, three conference rooms are available to the CMU community by reservation. These spaces are located in a secure facility with twenty-four-hour monitoring. 


Conference Room 510 comfortably seats sixteen at the table, with views overlooking both the Capitol and the Supreme Court. The space includes a kitchenette, printing and copying facilities, a large television screen that may be used for presentations and videoconferencing, two large whiteboards, and a speakerphone.

Conference Room 522 comfortably seats sixteen at a table and is equipped with television for presentations and video calls. Conference Room 523 seats twenty-four at table and is equipped with a television for presentations. The room will be capable of hosting videoconferences in summer 2020. All conference rooms contain modular furniture and can be arranged seminar-style or to host receptions.


To check on the availability of the conference rooms or to submit a reservation request, please contact Grant Loftesnes. Please indicate the date, time, and expected number of attendees.