BXA Event Calendar

Social Media
The Social Media Directory provides access to the many social media channels offered across the university. Most are updated weekly—some daily—to provide the most recent content from the campus community. Students, alumni, and friends of BXA can “Like” the BXA Facebook Page, follow @CMU_BXA on Twitter, network in the BXA Alumni Group on LinkedIn, view BXA photos on Flickr and BXA videos on YouTube.

BXA Student Advisory Committee (SAC)
The SAC monthly meetings provide a forum for BXA students to discuss program objectives, listen to guest speakers, and initiate multidisciplinary collaborations. Students also share resources on internships and study abroad opportunities. These gatherings help students become more familiar with the work of their peers and fosters a sense of community within the three programs.

Bulletin Board and E-Mail
A bulletin board is available for postings inside the Solar Decathlon House. Most communication is done via e-mail. Students should check their e-mail regularly for important messages and announcements from the BXA office.


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