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For more than 25 years, we have delivered robust, integrated solutions to industry-leading companies looking for the next breakout product or service. Through the process, our partners gain valuable insights while connecting directly to talented students. Meanwhile, our students get real-world experience, enabling them to apply newly-founded skills in a practical, applied context. 

We have worked across diverse industries, including health care, software, industrial safety and transportation, consumer goods, personal banking and finance, and more. Learn more by visiting our Past Projects Sponsors page.

Featured Student Projects

FIDO for Huntington Bank

New on-site and online banking strategies are designed to engage millennial customers.

Redesigning the Service Truck

A project sponsored by Opus Mach envisions a more comfortable service truck

Palletizing for Unique Packages

A project sponsored by Parker Hannifan introduces the next generation of palletizing.


Classified is taxonomy software that categorizes data and improves organization for ecommerce businesses.
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