Carnegie Mellon University

Post-baccalaureate Opportunities

While many future health care professionals begin their undergraduate careers planning to matriculate to a health professions program shortly after their college graduation, a growing proportion of these people ultimately decide to seek out additional experiences in research, service, professional emnployment or academics prior to matriculating or applying to a health professions program.  Did you know that the average age of people starting medical school is around 24?  Delaying the start of graduate school can make sense for many reasons, including satisfying a desire to serve, to travel, to be involved in research or to prove oneself academically.  Also, personal growth and maturation are major reasons for seeking post-graduate life experiences, things that medical and dental schools look for in applicants.  Below are some great options for one or more years after graduation.  Our office can also put you in touch with alumni who sought post-bacc opporunities before applying to graduate school.