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Welcome to the CMU Health Professions Program

The Health Professions Program (HPP) is an advising resource for all current CMU students and alumni interested in pursuing a career in a health profession. Such careers include medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and genetic counseling, to name a few. Students interested in careers in biomedical research are also welcome.  The program is designed to assist students with:

  • Exploration: What are some possible health careers? What are the pre-reqs?
  • Preparation: How do I become a competitive applicant to a health professions school?
  • Application: What does the application process entail? What is the CMU Committee Interview Process?
  • Networking: Connecting students to faculty, alumni, researchers, and health care professionals.

Current Students & Alumni:

Key Dates: Application Cycle Year 2024

  1. AMCAS 
    • Opens May 3, 2023

    • May 30, 2023 AMCAS application submission starts (MCAT & rec letters NOT required)

    • June 30, 2023 AMCAS transmission of verified apps to med schools starts 

  2. TMDSAS 
    • May 1, 2023: Opens
    • May 15, 2023: App submission begins
    • Feb 17, 2024: Rank submission deadline
    • March 3, 2024: Match results announced and rolling admissions begins
    • May 4, 2023: AACOMAS opens
    • June 15, 2023: DO schools begin receiving verified apps
  4. AADSAS 
    • May 9, 2023: application and FAP paperless opens

    • May 30, 2023: AADSAS application submission begins
  5. CASPA

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