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50 Years as Carnegie Mellon University
Founder Stories: Don Coffelt 

Photo of Don Coffelt

April 17, 2018: Glenn Gross
Gross Keeps Spring Carnival Running

Photo of Glenn Gross from the Piper

September 13, 2017: David Stubbs 
From New York With Love, Stubbs Works To Pay it Forward

Photo of David Stubbs

August 23, 2017: George Papuga 
Papuga Is One Key Operator

Photo of George Papuga

August 15, 2017: Mandy Rothmeyer
Rothmeyer Brings Beauty to CMU’s Landscape

Photo of Mandy Rothmeyer

August 2, 2017: Emil Schultz
Schultz Makes Sure the Heat is on at CMU

Photo of Emil Schultz

July 26, 2017: Barb Kviz
Barb Kviz Enjoys the Environment She Protects

Photo of Barb Kviz

June 28, 2017: Bruce Grafton
Bruce Grafton Ensures Campus Stays Cool in the Summer 

Photo of Bruce Grafton

May 10, 2017: Frank Stanto
Stanton Has Called CMU Home for Nearly Four Decades 

Photo of Frank Stanton

April 19, 2017: Ron Philips
Staff Spotlight 

Photo of Ron Philips

February 14, 2017: Jack Aul
Staff Spotlight 

Photo of Jack Aul

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