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An all-gender, or gender-inclusive, restroom is a facility open to individuals of all gender identities and expressions. These restrooms can be single- or multi-stall. All-gender restrooms increase access and reduce the risk of discrimination and harassment for all community members and visitors, including: 

  • Transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and gender expansive people
  • People with limited mobility who want to use the nearest restroom
  • People who need a caregiver’s assistance
  • Caregivers with children

Carnegie Mellon University is a gender-diverse community. In accordance with the Statement of Assurance, individuals are invited to choose the restroom they find welcoming and safe. Learn more about our restroom signage, read the history of all-gender restrooms at CMU or view our frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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How the Stalled! design organization, one of CMU's restroom design partners, is working to create more inclusive restrooms:

99% Invisible podcast episode 412 “Where Do We Go From Here?” (Sept. 2020):

Click audio link above, or view the transcript.

PublicSource article: "My search for a restroom is blocked by binary bathrooms and cisgender math equations" (May 20, 2021)

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