Carnegie Mellon University

History of CMU's All-Gender Restrooms

Building on years of advocacy and work within the CMU community, Carnegie Mellon created the All-Gender Restroom Access Committee in 2020 to ensure that community members and visitors have access to safe restroom facilities configured for privacy and so that all individuals can engage in their daily routine without disruption. The committee is a campus-wide effort with representatives from many departments, as well as faculty, staff and students who identify as members of the trans, intersex, non-binary community.  For more information, read the Committee Charge or view a list of committee members.

Since its inception, the committee has focused on advocacy and ensuring that new and existing campus restrooms are updated with gender-inclusion in mind. This includes:

All-Gender Restroom Access Committee Members

McKenzie Bonnett (she/her)
Project Associate - CDFD

Carrie Chisholm (she/they)
Director, Photo and Video - UCM

Holly Hippensteel (Co-chair, she/her)
Associate Vice President for Community Standards and Diversity Initiatives

Jenna Hovis (she/her)
Project Officer - FMCS

Jennifer McDowell (she/her)
Senior Director of Design and Construction - CDFD

Elizabeth Rosemeyer (she/her)
Director of Title IX Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator

Nica Ross (they/them)
Assistant Teaching Professor - Video/Media Design

Daryl Weinert (Co-chair, he/him)
Vice President for Operations - FIRM
Interim Vice President for Research

Shannon Wetzel (she/her)
Director for Client Services - FMCS