Carnegie Mellon University

Painting Policy

The Facility Coordinators Committee created a process for addressing the maintenance painting needs of the campus. Submit a work order using the links above to request painting. The committee generally meets twice a year -- once in the Fall for painting during the Winter break and again in the Spring for pre-commencement and Summer work.  Funding will be 100% for common area projects and split 50/50 with the department for private space. 

Work is excluded from this process if it involves water damage repairs, health issues, building exteriors or full funding from other sources.  

The Facility Coordinators' requests are accumulated by the Painting Subcommittee.  The members of the Painting Subcommittee visit each project site and evaluate the requests based on the following point ranking:

Public Image
  • 1 - Very limited exposure to campus community
  • 5 - Seen on a regular basis by most of the campus
University Mission
  • 1 - does not affect the educational or research function
  • 5 - Research or education function can not take place
Departmental Impact
  • 1 - Limited impact on departmental needs
  • 5 - Major impact on departmental needs
  • 1 - Existing condition is good and appropriate for the area
  • 5 - Existing condition is poor and does not fit area
The points assigned by each subcommittee member are totaled by painting project and the projects are then ranked from high to low. Projects are approved to the limit of the available funding.  Estimates are sent to departments for approval on private space projects.  

This process offers a fair and consistent means of providing maintenance painting services to the campus and will improve campus appearance.