Carnegie Mellon University

Our Guiding Principles

Devoted to our mission.

Committed to our vision.

Driven by our values.

These guiding principles shape who the Finance Division is, and who we endeavor to become.

Our Mission

To provide strategic, predictive, data-informed
financial service and guidance to
address challenges, explore opportunities,
and ensure the university's financial sustainability.

Our Vision

We aspire to go beyond simply fulfilling
our purpose and function within the institution.
We have a shared vision of what we can achieve

To innovate, elevate, drive value
creation, and provide financial stewardship
that advances the university’s mission.

Pursuing the goals outlined in this Strategic Plan—
while staying true to our Finance Division core values—
will make this vision a reality.

Our Core Values

Unwavering Integrity

Be honest, moral, and ethical
at all times

mark"Unwavering Integrity is a way of life each individual must achieve by choosing to always act with strong moral principles and values, no matter the situation. By always exhibiting integrity in one's personal and professional life, you can inspire others to instill these traits into all aspects of their lives."

Shawn Facchiano
Associate Director, Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Services

Collaborative Innovation

Partner to introduce new ideas,
methods, and solutions

linda"Collaborative Innovation is about working together to achieve a common goal, not just working separately and combining the results. Partnership brings together skills, experiences and perspectives from many different backgrounds to listen to each other as we work to create something new, enhance our processes or solve a problem."

Linda Schmidt
Director, HR Technology and Data Services, Office of Human Resources*

*Valued partner of the Finance Division

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Provide guidance that creates,
enhances, and protects economic value

chrissy"To me, Entrepreneurial Leadership is about seeing opportunities where others see obstacles. We can optimize outcomes for individuals as well as the organization through innovation and creativity."

Katie Price
Manager, International Finance

Convergent Enhancement

Move toward consensus
with transparency and agility

amanda"Convergent Enhancement means we work across and amongst departments and divisions to define goals, projects, initiatives, and opportunities. This supportive collaboration, which is free of judgment, results in creative thinking and better outcomes."

Ashley Ferenczy
Director, International Finance

High Quality Service

Perform with a high level of
value and excellence

geneva"High Quality Service means taking time to understand the end goal and working towards a solution while being honest, transparent, and realistic. That kind of effort helps relationships grow and builds trust so your partners will keep coming back."

Jennifer Bonfili
Manager, Budget and Financial Planning

Inclusive Recognition

Deliberately take notice of
Everyone's unique contributions

amanda"Inclusive Recognition provides a voice to the ENTIRE division; creating an atmosphere where ALL feel welcome, have a sense of belonging, and the space to be their authentic selves."

Brandon Davis
Senior Sponsored Projects Accountant, Sponsored Projects Accounting

Intellectual Curiosity

Learn, understand,
And desire to know more

hannah"Intellectual Curiosity means approaching the day-to-day with a beginner's mindset, which allows you to take on old processes in new ways."

Hannah Gloeckl
Manager, Payroll Services

Strength in Execution

Complete our work
efficiently and effectively

tiffany"Strength in Execution means having the organization, motivation, and time management in achieving the desired outcome."

Tiffany Fitzgerald
Principal Sponsored Research Accountant, Sponsored Projects Accounting