Carnegie Mellon University



Graduate Students:


Adrian Johnson (since 2019),scanning thermal microscopy of resistive switching devices 


Chuanyu Lian (since 2019), void formation in amorphous phase change memories 


Enkui Lian (since 2019), electromigration effects in chalcogenide-based devices

Jingjia Meng

Jingjia Meng (since 2018), scanning thermal microscopy of threshold switching devices

Joe Seifert

Joe Seifert (since 2015), 2D materials and devices; National Defense Science and Engineering Fellow

Qiyun Xu

Qiyun Xu (since 2018), elemental segregation in phase change memories

Yiqi Yu

Yiqi Yu (since 2018), partial SET processes in phase change memories

Group Alumni:

Yuanzhi Ma, PhD 2020, currently at Micron Technologies, Boise, ID
Phoebe Yeoh,
PhD 2019, currently at Intel, Albuquerque, NM
Jonathan Goodwill
, PhD 2019, currently at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD
Dasheng Li, PhD 2018, currently at Lam Research, Fremont, CA
Jonghan Kwon, PhD 2016, currently at Intel, Portland, OR
Abhishek A. Sharma, PhD 2015, currently at Intel, Portland, OR
Jay Kamaladasa, PhD 2014, currently at Intel, Portland, OR
Mina Abadier, PhD 2014, currently at IM Flash Corp., Lehi, UT
Mohammad Noman, PhD 2013, currently at Intel, Portland, OR