Carnegie Mellon University



Graduate Students:


Chuanyu Lian (since 2019), void formation in amorphous phase change memories 


Enkui Lian (since 2019), electromigration effects in chalcogenide-based devices

Joe Seifert

Joe Seifert (since 2015), 2D materials and devices; National Defense Science and Engineering Fellow

Group Alumni:

Yiqi Yu - PhD 2023, Process Integration TD Engineer at Samsung, Austin TX
Qiyun Xu
- PhD 2022, Application Development Engineer at KLA, San Jose, CA
Adrian Johnson
- PhD 2021, Edison Engineer, Materials Characterization at GE Global Research, Schenectady, NY
Yuanzhi Ma
- PhD 2020, Process Integration Engineer at Micron Technologies, Boise, ID
Jingjia Meng
- PhD 2019, Engineer at Micron Technologies, Boise, ID
Phoebe Yeoh
- PhD 2019, Staff Engineer at Intel, Albuquerque, NM
Jonathan Goodwill
- PhD 2019, Process Integration Engineer at Micron Technologies, Boise, ID
Dasheng Li - PhD 2018, Senior Process Engineer at Lam Research, Fremont, CA
Jonghan Kwon - PhD 2016, PTD Yield Engineer at Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Abhishek A. Sharma - PhD 2015, Advanced Memory Pathfinding at Intel, Portland, OR
Mina Abadier - PhD 2014, Senior Supplier Development Engineer at SpaceX, Starlink, Redmond WA
Mohammad Noman - PhD 2013, currently at Intel, Portland, OR