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The INCEPTS software platform offers a variety of solutions to address the challenges of the ongoing transportation electrification.

Trip Planning

The high-fidelity vehicle model within INCEPTS can provide you with a realistic estimate of the performance of your electric vehicle (EV) whether it's a truck, aircraft, bus, car, etc. INCEPTS's ability to incorporate environmental factors allows it to give dynamic estimations regardless of where you are and can help prevent those unexpected and potentially dangerous low-battery situations. Whether you are developing an application for EV route planning or looking to incorporate individual EV dynamics into your project, INCEPTS's high-fidelity vehicle model can help you analyze the performance of your EV.

Fleet Analysis

INCEPTS's fleet analysis software allows you to understand how your fleet will perform within your target area under dynamic conditions. Whether you are transitioning to a brand-new EV fleet or already have several vehicles in your fleet, our fleet analysis software can help you make the right decisions by giving you the performance statistics of the vehicles. Our software can utilize routes commonly found in delivery or public transit services, as well as vehicle schedules, to let you know when the vehicles need to charge and how that will impact their assigned schedule.

Equitable Charger Placement

Our charger placement software indicates where to place chargers that will meet the demand of the electric vehicles and provide equitable access. By including a variety of factors such as the environment into our algorithm, we can provide unique charger placement solutions that adapt to the local conditions of a target location on a dynamic basis. Whether you are a city planner, utility company or just looking to site charging stations, our software can help you determine the key locations where chargers should be placed for maximum utilization.

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