Carnegie Mellon University

Commitment and Progress

Diversity and inclusion are top priorities for the university. We recognize that cultivating diverse perspectives and promoting inclusion will fuel the intellectual vitality essential for the health and progress of our campus community. Achieving breakthroughs requires visible commitment at all levels of the institution to recruit, retain and advance diverse world-class talent supported by sustainable programmatic initiatives, as outlined by the 2025 Strategic Plan:

  • Develop and implement tools and programs to optimize practices in diversity and inclusion throughout the university community.
  • Enhance standards for recruiting practices, including mandatory training in implicit bias for search committees, cross-departmental sharing of finalists to fill vacant positions, and a focus on recruiting diverse personnel at all levels of leadership.
  • Carefully cultivate and mentor existing talent at the undergraduate and graduate levels to broaden pools of prospective candidates for key positions.
  • Identify and institute best practices in student recruitment, admissions decision making, and enrollment to recruit a strong and diverse student body.

Today, we are pursuing those ambitious goals. But there is still much work to be done. Each of us bears responsibility for the kind of community we create, and so we must continue to seek new ways to contribute to a university that lives up to our core values. Below are path-setting initiatives, among many, where progress is being made.

A photo of Farnam Jahanian giving high fives to students

Dr. Jahanian's Message on Diversity & Inclusion

"A diverse and inclusive community is the foundation for excellence in research, creativity, learning and human development, and is, therefore, at the core of our mission as a university. As a CMU community, we all bear responsibility for supporting this foundation – with each and every faculty member, senior leader, student and staff person contributing to the effort."

A photo of the campus during the autumn season

Strategic Plan 2025

When Carnegie Mellon University began creating a strategic plan that would shape the institution for the next 10 years, we asked the campus community for help. At the top of the list of goals was attracting and retaining a diverse community of students, faculty and staff.

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Task Force on the CMU Experience

This group is charged with closely examining the CMU experience of students, faculty and staff, and with developing near-term and long-term recommendations to enhance that experience to ensure each community member's success.

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Task Force on the Campus Climate

This committee, which is comprised of faculty, students and staff members from across the university, will make specific recommendations to support a campus climate that is more inclusive, diverse, fair and respectful. 

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Five-Year University-Wide Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Each academic dean will develop a five-year strategic plan for equity, diversity and inclusion with implementation to start in the fall of 2021. These plans will include measurable goals designed to capture opportunities and increase diversity in each school and college. 

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Minority-owned business owner


The Supplier Diversity Program was established to identify and establish partnerships with diverse suppliers — including minority, women and veteran-owned businesses — who provide high-quality goods and services to CMU.

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