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Useful Links For Work

Practical Common Lisp
Information about Lisp
CMU Department of Psychology
CBDR Experiment website
Tarr Lab stimuli site
MRC Psycholinguistic Database
Carnegie Mellon University IRB
CITI Subject Training
- CITI Course: Human Subjects Research for Social and Behavioral Studies
EEG Instructions (for researchers)

Fun Links For Work

The Whole Brain Atlas
fMRI for Newbies
Emotional (Eckman) faces by Lynne Reder, 1968
Human Brain: Directions, cross-sections and divisions
Wayne Wicklegren & His Work:
One of the pioneers in formal models of memory

Fun Things To Do in Pittsburgh

Kayak Pittsburgh
Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor
Arsenal Bowling Lanes
Phipps Conservatory
The Church Brew Works
Primanti Bros.
The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
The Sharp Edge