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Achieving equity in our society requires breaking down the barriers that hold women back. While many factors are at work to create these inequities between women and men, we offer services to women and girls so they can learn to become more effective negotiators. Our efforts will not only educate, but also generate interest within our community to work towards gender equality.

Instructor Training Workshop On-Site: We would hope that our tools are user-friendly. If you purchased our tools for girls and would like to learn more about how to implement them effectively, our staff would be happy to come to your site. Learn how negotiating can become a part of your organizational culture!

Instructor Training Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University: This is an opportunity for you to send staff members to Carnegie Mellon to learn how to negotiate and utilize our products at your organization.

Negotiation Building Blocks (NB²): PROGRESS staff will visit your organization to teach girls (ages 8 to 13) how to negotiate, on addition to training the staff on how to implement our tools.

Speak Up! This is an energetic day-long conference where girls to learn how to negotiate through interactive workshops. We’ve hosted a number of conferences in Pittsburgh, taken our workshop to the US Capitol, and are headed to Boston this year!

Dollars and Sense: For the teen in your life who is about to enter the “real world”. Roommates, finances, jobs, professors – oh my! Equip your young person with the right skills to be successful personally, academically, and professionally.

Negotiation Workshops for Professionals: These half day long training sessions offer deliverable negotiation skills and techniques to help adults navigate their personal and professional lives.

Speaking Engagements: The presentation will stress the importance to women of asking for what they are worth and aims to equip participants with skills and techniques they can implement in their daily lives. These talks are customized to fit the needs of the audience (from girls to adults).

*To request our services, please contact us.