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Products for Girls:

Interventions need to begin early. One of the factors holding women back from negotiating are the “gendered” messages they receive as girls about how to get what they want. These messages come from the TV shows they watch, the movies they see, and often the behavior that is modeled for them by teachers, peers and other adults. Our products focus on teaching girls to speak up for themselves and make positive choices throughout their lives.

Reign of Aquaria: is an online Flash game made for PROGRESS by students at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. The purpose of the game is to teach girls ages 7-12 negotiation skills through an interactive and engaging medium. Play it here.

Double Take – Harnessing the Power of Negotiation DVD: This DVD contains four short scenes. There are two versions of each scene with slight modifications—one take in which a conflict occurs and a second take in which the conflict can be resolved by applying negotiation. This DVD is guaranteed to stimulate energetic conversations with your group of girls. The short stories address issues concerning peer pressure and relationships with teachers.

Speak Up! A Guide to Teach Girls How to Negotiate: Girls are in need of tools and skills that equip them to make better decisions, improve their relationships, reduce conflict, and take more control over their lives. Negotiation is one such tool. This guidebook contains an instructor’s corner that provides a grounding in negotiation, numerous negotiation training activities including short stories and role-play scenarios, instructions for how to conduct activities, and discussion questions.

Win-Win Patch: Negotiation is a great way for people to reach an agreement that makes everyone happy or better off. Instead of initiating an argument in which no one is a winner, follow these steps to learn about negotiation and how to ask for what you want! This program is designed for Girl Scout Juniors, who can earn the Win-Win patch by completing six program activities.

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