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Mamoru Hatakeyama

Mamoru Hatakeyama

  • FMS 326


Mamoru Hatakeyama is a doctoral student in Second Language Acquisition. His primary research interest is in lexical inferencing in L2 Japanese reading.


MA in Japanese, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA in Japanese Language and Literature, Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)


  • Hatakeyama, M. (2011a) A cross-sectional study on L2 pragmatic competence in Japanese : subordinate conjunctions kara and node (日本語学習者による原因・理由を表す接続助詞「から」「ので」の語用論的使い分け能力の習得を探る横断的研究). ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education
  • Hatakeyama, M., & Yasuhara, Y. (2011b) TV Commercials as Potential Materials for Content-Based Instruction in Elementary to Advanced Japanese (初級から上級日本語コースにおける内容重視教育(CBI)のためのテレビCMの教材としての可能性). 18th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum Proceedings
  • Hatakeyama, M. (2008). Compound verbs usage in written Japanese: A corpus-based analysis by Chakoshi, (「茶漉」による書き言葉の中の複合動詞の分析) . 15th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum Proceedings