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Khaled  Al Masaeed

Khaled Al Masaeed

Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies and Second Language Acquisition & Coordinator of Arabic Studies

  • Baker Hall A60L
  • 412-268-5412
Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University
Baker Hall 160
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


As an applied linguist, my interests center primarily on the intersection between second language acquisition (SLA) and sociolinguistics. I have directed and codirected study abroad programs in Alexandria (Egypt), Amman (Jordan), Fes and Tangier (Morocco). At CMU, I am the Coordinator for Arabic Studies and I contribute to the PhD Program in Second Language Acquisition. I am interested in how social contexts impact interlanguage, and my research interests include (1) language use in context, including sociolinguistics and pragmatics; (2) foreign/second language pedagogy—in particular, the teaching of L2 Arabic; and (3) language program administration in home and study abroad settings.

My current research contributes to the areas of code-switching in L2 contexts, L2 pragmatics (mainly in Arabic as a second/foreign language), and critical discourse analysis. My primary goal when I teach is to empower my students to become agents in the learning process while providing a classroom environment conducive to authentic communication. I believe that teaching and learning are most effective and enjoyable when students become teachers—that is, using and sharing knowledge as they acquire it. I encourage my students to become curious, independent life-long learners; develop critical thinking skills; and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.


Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, The University of Arizona


Articles in Refereed Journals and Handbooks

  • Al Masaeed, K., Waugh, L., & Burns, K. (2018). The development of interlanguage pragmatics in L2 Arabic: The production of apology strategies. System,74, 98-108.
  • Al Masaeed, K. (2018). Code-switching in L2 Arabic collaborative dyadic interactions. In M. Alhawary (Ed.), The Routledge handbook of Arabic second language acquisition (pp. 289-302). UK: Routledge. [Peer reviewed]
  • Al Masaeed, K. (2017). Interlanguage pragmatic development: Internal and external modification in L2 Arabic requests. Foreign Language Annals, 50(4), 808–820.
  • Al Masaeed, K. (2016). Judicious use of L1 in L2 Arabic speaking practice sessions. Foreign Language Annals, 49(4), 716-728.
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  • Al Masaeed, K. (2014). Conversational Arabic-English code-switching. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 18 (2), 47-56.
  • Al Masaeed, K. (2013). The Egyptian revolution of 2011 and the power of its slogans: A critical discourse analysis. Cross-Cultural Communication, 9(6), 1-6.

Courses Taught


  • 789 Guided Research: Diglossia
  • 893 Teaching Apprenticeship: L2 Teaching & Learning
  • 888 Sociolinguistics & Second Language Acquisition


  • 112 Elementary Arabic II
  • 117/118 Arabic Conversation & Dialect
  • 211/212 Intermediate Arabic
  • 311/312 Advanced Arabic
  • 411 Language and Society in the Arab World
  • 412 Topics in Arabic Studies

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