Carnegie Mellon University

Assistant Professor of English

Department of English
Carnegie Mellon University
Baker Hall 2595000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


My primary field of study is late nineteenth, twentieth century and twenty-first century American literature and literary criticism. I have secondary interests in African-American literature, Film Studies and Cold War Studies. You can find some of my work in Critical Quarterly or on the radio as a commentator for National Public Radio. I have also worked in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Board of Education to develop a course on African-American literature for high school seniors. My specific intellectual interest is studying what Antonio Gramsci called "cultural hegemony." To that end my current book project Black Operations: Race, Ralph Ellison and American Cold War Literature (1945-1978) uses the work of author Ralph Ellison to explore the under-acknowledged but critical role African-American writers had during the "cultural" Cold War.