Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Resources

Graduate school can be challenging enough without worrying about making ends meet. The M.A. Program offers several options to help students along financially.

Departmental Scholarships

All full-time M.A. students receive a departmental scholarship that is applied directly to tuition costs. The scholarship amounts to about a one-third reduction in tuition and is split between the fall and spring semesters.

Research Assistantships

Full-time M.A. students are eligible to apply for a research assistant position. Students work with faculty members on a wide array of assignments designed to supplement their coursework and to give them valuable professional experience.

Tutoring at the Global Communication Center

MA Students are eligible to apply for a tutor position at the Global Communication Center. Tutors are required to take a tutoring practicum course in the fall semester to introduce them to scientific and other academic research writing and to prepare them for working with the CMU student body. The practicum course will count towards your degree.

Loans for Graduate Students

In addition to the options listed above, federal loan programs are available to help graduate students meet their financial needs. Please visit the CMU financial aid website for more information.

Payment Options

Carnegie Mellon provides a tuition payment service, TMS, which allows you to pay academic year expenses in interest-free monthly installments. The only cost is a $45 application fee. If you have any questions or need additional information on payment options through TMS, please contact the HUB at (412) 268-8186.

Part-time Enrollment

Some students choose to enroll part-time in the M.A. program, which allows them to work and pursue their degrees at the same time. However, because most of the core courses are offered during the day, part-timers must be able to arrange their work schedules to allow for flexibility.