Carnegie Mellon University



Literary Journalism, Traveling Videography, Graphic Design


Community Manager, Wanderfly, Inc., New York City


BS in Communication, Wingate University


As an undergraduate student at Wingate University in North Carolina, Kerrin Sheldon (MAPW '10) took courses ranging from Theology to Sports Management-and everything in between-before deciding on English and Journalism.

"I finally settled on English and Journalism when I realized how much I enjoyed writing, something I had always liked, but rarely did." Kerrin says.

Outside of the classroom, his life was dedicated to soccer.  "Most of my college life revolved around collegiate soccer, and I was fortunate enough to play during my entire college career, earning Academic All-American, All-Conference, and All-Region honors," he says.

In addition, Kerrin was a member of the university's newspaper staff, working as an opinions editor and reporter.

Kerrin's academic goals eventually led him to the MA in Professional Writing program here at Carnegie Mellon University. He cites the school's "amazing reputation" and the flexibility of the MAPW program as two of the main factors in his decision.

"When applying for graduate school I was accepted into a variety of programs (film school, MFA, communications), but decided on CMU because of the functionality of the MAPW program," he says.

As a student in the MAPW program, Kerrin is somewhat untraditional. He considers himself a "bit of a generalist," taking a variety of classes in the media arts. In addition to the required MAPW courses, Kerrin has taken electives in journalism, video production, and Chinese.

"I have one career goal: to do something that I love. The MAPW program is quite versatile, so I was able to take classes in journalism, video production, and Chinese - a wide range that touches on all of my varied interests." Kerrin says.

For his required summer internship, Kerrin worked at Wanderfly Incorporated, an online travel startup, in New York City. Wanderfly is a brand new travel inspiration site which uses users' travel needs to make personalized travel recommendations. As Wanderfly's Community Manager, Kerrin's main tasks included social media marketing, content management, quality assurance, writing and editing copy, and research. His coursework, particularly Online Information Design, prepared him for this role.

"The basic skills I attained from OID helped me tremendously during my summer internship. Also, because I generally work with new media technologies, OID gave me a good base for understanding the technical aspects of the field."

Outside the classroom, Kerrin is always active-whether playing soccer, running, or cycling.

"I'm also a frequenter of coffee shops where I'll be reading history, studying Chinese, or chatting with interesting people. I also spend a lot of my time shooting videos or wandering the streets taking photographs. Or searching for music. Or planning a trip. Or thinking about taking up Kung-Fu as a hobby," he adds.

Fall 2009 Courses

Rhetorical Grammar, Style, Professional and Technical Writing, Communication Design Fundamentals, Intermediate Chinese I