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Current Tuition and Fees

Current graduate tuition for Dietrich College students can be viewed on the Student Financial Services website.

Please also review the current University Fees for Full-Time Students.

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The Carnegie Mellon Housing Services provides information to help new students find apartments within walking distance of campus or near the city bus lines or the CMU shuttle bus routes. [return to top]

Part-Time Enrollment

Part-time students are charged tuition at a unit rate determined by dividing the semester tuition by 36 to get the per unit cost and then multiplying the per unit costs by the number of units for which a student is enrolled. Individual courses are typically 9-12 units (3-4 credits). Full-time study is defined as taking at least 36 units (12 credits, usually 4 courses @ 9 units (3 credits) each. CMU staff members considering the part-time option should check with their departments concerning financial arrangements. [return to top]

Payment Options

For more information on payment options, please visit the Student Financial Services website[return to top]