Carnegie Mellon University


Most of the computers on Carnegie Mellon's campus, including those in the MAPW workspace (the Atrium) are Macs and many MAPW students choose to purchase personal Mac laptops to use for classwork (Carnegie Mellon students receive a discount at the Apple store). However, Mac computers are not required and students without them are able to use Mac specific programs in the on-campus clusters and in the Atrium.

The programs in Adobe Creative Suite (most notably InDesign, PhotoShop, and Illustrator) are utilized in several core MAPW courses as well as in electives such as Online Information Design. While the Atrium computers have these programs, many students choose to purchase Creative Suite in order to work from their personal computers (students receive a discount on this software at the Carnegie Mellon computer store).

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the technology used by MAPW students, please contact Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, Jen Loughran.