Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Spaces

The Atrium, the English Department's newest workspace, opened in the fall of 2010, providing our community of writers with a place of their own where they can create and discuss their work. The new studio, located in the FMS building, includes a computer lab and team meeting space solely for MAPWs as well as a large common area shared with undergraduates in the professional and technical writing programs. (View directions to the FMS building [.pdf] where the Atrium is located.)

The shared space features wireless internet, individual desks, tables and whiteboards for working on group projects, quiet reading areas with comfortable seating, and access to an adjacent kitchen. The area also includes the department's User Experience Labs where students can test documents and paper prototypes, hold interviews and focus group sessions, and conduct software or web usability tests. The labs feature video and audio equipment as well as state-of-the-art software that allows students to record, save, and edit data gathered in their usability testing. 

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