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The Charles C. Dawe Memorial Award

The Department of English invites submissions for the 2017 Charles C. Dawe Memorial Award to encourage creativity and innovation in publishing. The award provides a grant of up to $2,000 to support the research and production costs associated with the creation of an innovative print or electronic publication. At least one applicant must be affiliated with the English Department as a primary or additional major, or as a BHA/BXA student with an English major focus.

One applicant must be a junior (rising senior) at the time of application. Winners of the Dawe propose the most creative, innovative, or socially impactful prototype for a newspaper, magazine, or book. The end result is a self-published realization of the proposed prototype. The goal of the award is to encourage new ideas and provide recipients the opportunity to see a publication through from inception to launch.

Winners of the award can work alone or as part of a team, and can petition to receive credit for the experience as part of an honors thesis (individual applicants only) or an independent study. Award winners are announced in spring, and projects are completed the following year under the supervision of a faculty member (a faculty member’s signature of support is required as part of the application. [.pdf] The award is made possible through a grant from a generous grandparent of a Professional Writing alumna.

Applications for the 2018 Dawe Award are due Friday, April 6, 2018 by 4:00 p.m. to Laura Donaldson in the main English office, 259 Baker Hall.

Click here for the 2018 application

Recent Dawe Award Winners

"ARETE: A Publication for Women of the Panhellenic Council"

Ila Foley, BA in Creative Writing and Professional Writing, 2012

Lauren Hirata, BA in Creative Writing and Professional Writing, 2012

Rebecca Chen, BS in Information Systems, 2013

“ARETE” is an internet magazine bringing a range of relevant news—on social issues, health, campus and alumni events, and lifestyle issues—to sorority women on campus as well as to the broader community of women at Carnegie Mellon.

"Print-Oriented Bastards: A Literary Journal"

Print Oriented Bastards

Inez Pujos, BA in Creative Writing and English, 2012

Marci Calabretta, BA in English, 2012

An independent press project presenting a high-quality, biannual print journal, focusing on the work of new and emerging writers and building community among emerging writers.


Elizabeth Barsotti, BHA, Creative Writing and Book Arts, 2009

A trading card/literary journal hybrid that designed to reach readers who wouldn’t ordinarily engage with poetry or traditional literary magazines. The idea is to encourage the display, collecting, and trading of poems by both recognized poets and the local community. 

"Thirty-Four Kites: A Collection of Works from Men on Pennsylvania’s Death Row"

Kristen Lukiewski, BHA, Communication Design and Professional Writing, 2008

Reina Takahashi, BFA, Communication Design, 2008

The creators of "Thirty-Four Kites" collected and published poems and short stories from men on Pennsylvania's death row. The work additionally includes a series of postcards, featuring art by the inmates and designed to encourage readers to respond to their work.

"Big Straw Magazine"

Tria Chang, BHA, Communication Design and Professional Writing, 2007

Margaret Szeto, BFA, Communication Design and Human Computer Interaction, 2007

Shuo He, BS in Biological Science and Psychology, 2007

Big Straw is a magazine designed to educate, increase awareness, and demonstrate the complexity of the culture of Asian Pacific Americans. Big Straw is a legacy magazine, continuing production today.