Carnegie Mellon University

The Adamson Student Writing Awards

An annual highlight of the English Department is the Adamson Student Writing Awards. These awards are presented for student excellence in fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and non-fiction, and are open to undergraduate students throughout the Carnegie Mellon University community. Winners are selected by off-campus writers and are presented in a formal event featuring a distinguished visiting writer. The Adamson Awards are presented in honor of Pauline B. Adamson at the bequest of her husband, the late Clarence H. Adamson, as a testimonial to their marriage and her interest in the English Language and American Literature.

For more information on eligibility, submitting work to be considered for the awards, judging, and other related categories, please see the 2019 Adamson Awards Guidelines [.pdf].

Adamson Award Ceremony Speakers

2019 Daniel Borzutzky


Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum


Peter Balakian


Ron Carlson


Tracy K. Smith


Andre Dubus III


Victoria Redel
2012 K. C. Constantine
2011 Wang Ping
2010 Thomas Lynch
2009 Denis Johnson
2008 Russell Banks
2007 Elizabeth Alexander
2006 Stewart O'Nan
2005 Alice Foulton
2004 Dennis Lehane
2003 Cornelius Eady
2002 James Crumley
2001 Jim Harrison
2000 Michael Cunningham
1999 Colleen J. McElroy
1998 Howard Horman
1997 Charles Simic
1996 Tobias Wolff
1995 Robert Creeley
1994 Jamaica Kincaid
1993 James Tate
1992 Nicholas Pileggi
1991 Carolyn Kizer
1990 Michael Ondaatje
1989 Philip Levine & Gerald Stern
1988 Hilma Wolitzer
1987 Stanley Kunitz
1986 Alison Lurie
1985 Carolyn Forche
1984 Raymond Carver
1983 John Leonard
1982 Donald Hall