Carnegie Mellon University

2016-17 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title and Abstract


Jordan Cox Creative Writing

A Creative Proposal for the Exploration of Human Separation

Gerald Costanzo
Sarah Gutekunst Professional Writing

Global Food Traditions and the Formation of Identity

Jane McCafferty
Ariel Hoffmaier Creative Writing

A Trove of Connections: Reimagining LGBT Identity Through Multimedia Stories

Sharon Dilworth
Karen Nguyen Professional Writing

Coming of Age as a Vietnamese-American

Jane McCafferty
Charlie Rock Creative Writing

Film exploring the idea of fantasy invading the ordinary

Sharon Dilworth
Andrea Sherwood Creative Writing

Poetry Collecting focusing on the relation between places and their languages and people

Kevin González
Naomi Sternstein Chemical Engineering

Collection of Short Fiction

Kevin González
Kristina Wagner Technical Writing & Communication

Guidelines to help developers create appropriate and helpful technology to mitigate the negative effects of the refugee crisis in Europe

Necia Werner
Cullen Wells EHPP

Collected Stories

Sharon Dilworth