Carnegie Mellon University

2012-13 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title


Katie Chironis Creative Writing Birchwood Jim Daniels
Michaela Dudley Professional Writing The Ghost Shirt Society: Experimentation in Digital Publishing Necia Werner
Marisa Hughes Creative Writing A Journeyman's Companion Terrance Hayes
Sara Keats Creative Writing The First Half of Everything Yona Harvey
Olivia London Creative Writing Dancing at the Edge: Writing about Performance Jane Bernstein
Julia Pattison-Gordon Creative Writing Growing Pains at the End of the World Jim Daniels
Magdalen Silberman Creative Writing Cross Words: A Feature-Length Screenplay Jane Bernstein
Mark Slabinski Creative Writing Magnacala: A Collection of Short Stories Gerard Klug
Jordan Stephenson Professional Writing Searching for the Self Through an Exploration of Religion and Race Jim Daniels
Irene Tai English The Art of Giving: An Analysis of Arts Organizations, Their Outreach Programs, and How They Are Funded David Kaufer
Anna Walsh Professional Writing Girls Just Want to Have Fun: News Coverage of the Washington, DC SlutWalk Necia Werner