Carnegie Mellon University

2010-11 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title and Abstract

Thesis Advisor

Jana Arredondo Creative Writing

"A Writer's Journey"

A filmed exploration of the writer's journey as discussed by aspiring writers and published authors. Is every writer's journey different?

Sharon Dilworth
James Berndt Creative Writing

"Small Talk" [.pdf]

A collection of personal essays.

Hilary Masters
Marci Calabretta Creative Writing

"Last Train to the Midnight Market" [.pdf]

A book-length manuscript of 20th century fiction.

Jim Daniels
Dominique Davis Professional Writing

"Even this Shadow has Weight"

A collection of poems.

Yona Harvey
Anabelle Lee Professional Writing "Novel Exploring the Themes of Emotional Disconnection" Jim Daniels
Ellene Mobbs Creative Writing

"Happiness: A Multi-Voice Narrative" [.pdf]

This project seeks to combine visual and verbal elements to create a complex, but cohesive, narrative treating the concept of happiness. The form—a box containing a number of inter-related, hand-made books that can be grouped and read in many different ways—is designed to mirror the overlapping and multi-voice nature of the content—a series of interviews and journal entries. The project encompasses creative writing, interviewing, document design, typography, and book-making.

Jim Daniels
Emily Nagin Creative Writing

"Midnight Radio: Connected Short Stories" [.pdf]

Midnight Radio is a collection of connected short stories set in Pittsburgh. It follows two groups of friends over the course of eight years. Pittsburgh is such a small city that the concept of six degrees of separation can often be whittled down to three. This collection attempts to reflect that reality: all of the characters know each other, at least superficially. They step in and out of each other's lives, sometimes affecting major changes, sometimes not. The collection attempts to show the reader each character from several angles, to demonstrate that there is always more than one version not only of every story, but of every person.

Jim Daniels
Chloe Perkins Creative Writing

"Home is Behind, The World Ahead" [.pdf]

"Home is Behind, The World Ahead" is a collection of original feminist fairy tales. All ten of the tales are set in different cultures and adhere to a feminist theoretical framework Perkins has developed from the essays of Kay F. Stone, Marcia R. Lieberman, Ruth B. Bottigheimer, and Karen E. Rowe. Each of the heroines leave their home (and gender norms) behind to embark on adventures of self-realization in the world ahead.

Hilary Masters
Calvin Pollak Professional Writing

"Ideographic Analysis of Israel Prime Minister Rhetoric During the 2008-2009 Armed Conflict with Hamas in Gaza" [.pdf]

From December 27, 2008 through January 18, 2009, the Israel Defense Forces engaged in hostilities in the Gaza Strip. Official discourse explaining and justifying the effort ubiquitously employed the word "terror", in its various forms, in descriptions of Israel's enemies. The prevalence of this linguistic feature alone suggests that it is rhetorically significant. As we will see, its discourse function is consistent with patterns previously observed by scholars of American war rhetoric. My analysis contributes to that scholarship by showing that ideographs such as "terror" can emerge from any nationalistic ideology.

David Kaufer
Gabriel Routh Creative Writing

"RR-A Novel" [.pdf]

RR is a novel which explores a writer's dreams, how each of us deals with grief, and how each of our lives is in itself a hero's journey.

Sharon Dilworth
Mackenzie Smith Creative Writing

"The Naked Note Taker: Creative Nonfiction Essays" [.pdf]

The Naked Note Taker is divided into three parts: i. Princess Pascal and the Moldy Sleeping Bag, a children’s story; ii. The Naked Note Taker, a collection of creative nonfiction essays; and iii. a writing blog,, featuring selected work from the essay collection. Each component of the thesis explores a different form of creative writing--children's writing, creative nonfiction, and writing for an online audience.

Jane McCafferty
Shannon Stephens Creative Writing

"Fumbling in the Marrow: Poems" [.pdf]

Fumbling in the Marrow is a chapbook-length collection of poems. In it, I explore the formulation of personal identity through relationships with others, the mark of memory, the importance and richness of place, and the critical role of language in a world where language is not enough. My work exists in the contemporary era of poetic discourse that values the intersection of introspection and public observation, cherishes image and language but respects its limitations, and accepts that certain narratives can only be expressed in poetic form.

Yona Harvey