Carnegie Mellon University

2009-10 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title and Abstract


Daniel Archer Creative Writing

Nytethorn [.pdf]

A novella.

Jane McCafferty
Brian J. Burdulia English, Creative Writing Death of a Lover [.pdf]

A novella.

Jim Daniels
Amanda Cole English, History Sensational Women: Gender and Domestic Morality in East Lynne and The Woman in White [.pdf]

"Sensation novels," a kind of novel characterized by scandal and mystery, emerged in the 1860s to entertain and shock Victorian audiences. In many cases, the novels contain incidents of murder or theft that must be solved and dealt with throughout the novel, and in other cases, the shocking acts are more concerned with actions or behaviors of certain main characters, including deception and adultery. While these crimes and transgressions are often found in a sensation novel, the question of what defines the term "sensation novel" itself remains only vaguely answered.

Jon Klancher
Christopher Franzi Professional Writing; Ethics, History & Public Policy (EHPP)
The Portrayal of Juvenile Delinquents in Film (1988-1997) [.pdf]

My main goal is to clearly explain the typical characteristics of the most "successful" (i.e. most money earned) juvenile delinquency films. Stated another way, if given the opportunity to make a commercially successful delinquency film between 1988 and 1997, what characteristics, in hindsight, would I have wanted to include?

Steven Schlossman
Francesca Halleman Creative Writing Funny Looking Kids [.pdf]

An autobiography of growing up with a disabled sister.

Sharon Dilworth
Katherine James Japanese, Creative Writing Mario vs. the Lich King: How Culture Affects American Consumers' Preferences for American or Japanese Video Games [.pdf]

In order for the American video industry to continue to grow and attract more American and international consumers, it is vital to understand which attributes of video games are most important in determining consumers' purchasing choices, and it is equally important to know how cultural and social values contribute to these norms. My primary research goal is to determine which video games American consumers most often prefer, why do they prefer them, and what underlying cultural attributes affect these preferences.

Yasufumi Iwasaki
Anthony Paletta Creative Writing Pilot Writing in Various Forms [.pdf]

I would pitch [this piece] as a modern-day odyssey, but revolving more around "bad guys"...As a whole, I tried to represent virtually all the main characters seen in the original epic poem. I chose to replace the actual Gods by incorporating the media as a character that runs throughout the series. They will advance the plot, alert characters of important events, and inspire the story in a number of other ways as well.

Sharon Dilworth
Robert Perrone Professional Writing The Rhetoric of the Financial Crisis: Examining 2007-2009 Federal Open Market Committee Statements [.pdf]

To analyze the 2007-2009 FOMC statements, this paper presents a brief historical overview of the crisis and its causes, and some background information on how the FOMC and its statements function. Then, using Norman Fairclough's critical language study (CLS) theory, this paper offers a critical analysis of the FOMC statements.

Andreea Ritivoi
Courtney Sutter Linguistics, Professional Writing Imperfect Expression [.pdf]

A creative exploration of miscommunication in our daily lives.

Jane Bernstein, Barbara Johnstone