Carnegie Mellon University

2008-09 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title and Abstract

Publication Date

Thesis Advisor

Elizabeth Barsotti Creative Writing, Book Arts

The Bees are Disappearing [.pdf]

A collection of poems.

Fall 2008 Terrance Hayes
Wen Wen Mao Creative Writing

A Field Guide to Trapped Animals [.pdf] (poetry collection) and Winter Melon Soup [.pdf] (short story collection)

Spring 2009 Terrance Hayes
Claire Morgenstern Professional Writing

Community Development and Civic Participation among Pittsburgh's Hispanic Population [.pdf]

This is the story of Pittsburgh's "invisible" Latino population, a growing number of working-class, Spanish-speaking immigrants who remain largely unseen by the city's traditionally non-Hispanic population. While traditionally a hub for Hispanic university professors, doctors, and other professionals, Pittsburgh is among the growing number of smaller cities in regions throughout the U.S. to which working-class Latinos are flocking, even though they have not traditionally been considered Hispanic.

Spring 2009 Kenya Dworkin
Mark Rudnick History & Policy, English

Prevention Point Pittsburgh: A Public Health Initiative and its Local Impact [.pdf]

A detailed history of a needle exchange program in Pittsburgh.

Spring 2009 Caroline Acker
Casey Taylor Creative Writing

What the Best of Us Lack and Other Songs About America [.pdf]

A collection of short stories.

Spring 2009 Sharon Dilworth