Carnegie Mellon University

2007-08 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title

Christine Beaty SHS/English Character Types and Stereotypes in Irish Narrative, 1800-1848
Isabel Gardocki English The Field as it Must Have Looked, Before and After
Erin Goldberger Professional Writing Yinz: An Outsider on the Inside of Pittsburgh's Hidden Restaurants and Bars
Michael Hartwell Creative Writing
City Behind the Eyes: Poems
Jason Kaleko Creative Writing
Storytime: A Collection of Screenplays
Ari Klein Creative Writing
Locke & Nietzsche: God as the Distinction Between Two Epistemological Perspectives
Thomas Laskow Creative Writing Trick Dives in Dark Water
Julianne Mentzer English Ghosted Ophelia: Liminality and Social Displacement in the Elizabethan Gender System
Marshall Roy Creative Writing Secrets and Vulgarities
Breanna Zwart Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA) Another Uncompleted Revolution: The Promises of the Bolivian Constitutional Assembly