Carnegie Mellon University

2005-06 Senior Honors Theses

Student Name


Thesis Title and Abstract

Thesis Advisor

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram Creative Writing, Hispanic Studies

Everyday Zulu [.pdf]

A collection of poems.

Jim Daniels
Amy Bickerton Creative Writing Women's Spaces: Imagery and Ideals in Byatt, Austen, Shakespeare, and Chaucer Peggy Knapp
Jacqueline Brook English It's Not Easy Being Green: The Cultural and Political (mis)Appropriations of L. Frank Baum's Wicked of the West Michael Chemers
Alexander Chen Professional Writing, Creative Writing

The Intersection of Poetry and Human Sexuality [.pdf]

This thesis discusses the intersection of contemporary poetry with homosexuality specifically in the aspects of human sexuality and social commentary. The thesis features my original work as well as poems by other contemporary gay and lesbian poets. Sexuality is an abstraction, and poetry is a vessel for the discovery of a truth within the context of desire. My thesis strives to enlighten the rhetoric and poetics in the gay and lesbian community.

Anthony Butts, Sharon Dilworth
Heather A. Clements Creative Writing Joey and the Whale: An Interactive Journey Around the World (children's literature) Gerald Costanzo
Ryan Coon English Mastodon Soup Sharon Dilworth
Matthew Kopel Creative Writing What We Don't Say: Short Stories and Essays Sharon Dilworth
Maggie Kucera English Pouring God into God: J.D. Salinger and the Achievement of Englightenment Sharon Dilworth
Laura Palotie Creative Writing "Reviving My Faith" and Other Essays Jane McCafferty
Benjamin Pelhan Creative Writing Robots in Disguise Sharon Dilworth
Allison Pottern English

Love, Symbiotic

A collection of short fiction.

Sharon Dilworth
Christa Romanosky English

Under the Blood Sun Rise

A collection of poems.

Jim Daniels