Academic Calendar-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar includes all dates and deadlines that govern the progression of each semester.  It is the student’s reasonability to be familiar with and adhere to these dates and deadlines.  Failure to familiarize oneself with all deadlines may have unintended consequences.  We recommend that students become familiar with the Academic Calendar online and/or print a hard copy for themselves.

You can access the official academic calendar here.

One of the most important periods of the academic year is the time dedicated to course registration.  Each semester, students plan for and enroll in the courses they need and want to take in the following semester.

First semester freshman students will enroll in their fall courses from home the summer before they arrive to CMU.  The timeline for advising and enrollment by first year students generally proceeds as follows:

June: the AAC contacts the student concerning preparation to enroll and opens a line of communication that the student may use all summer for questions regarding their enrollment.

July: all freshman students gain clearance from their Advisor to enroll and are given access to the Student Information Online portal to enroll in their fall courses.

August: all freshman students should be enrolled by this time as classes will begin at the end of the month.