Carnegie Mellon University

A University-Wide Office Dedicated to DEI


Carnegie Mellon University is known throughout the world as an institution where great things happen. Our educators and researchers have a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity and entrepreneurship. But we can do so much more!

The echoes of oppression and privilege still exist throughout higher education, but by focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion we can create a space where all people feel a sense of belonging. CMU has committed to intentionally fostering a community that holds space, where all voices are heard and respected.

By working in close concert with colleagues throughout the university, our office strives to enact real and lasting changes in how CMU addresses racism, classism, sexism and the language of othering as it exists across our campus community. We seek to do this through:

  • Developing a unifying strategic vision for DEI
  • Guiding the university in crafting and implementing an overarching DEI strategic plan
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of assessment and evaluation in relation to DEI
  • Expanding pathways for assessing, understanding and improving the campus climate
  • Developing strategies for addressing recruitment and retention challenges impacting campus diversity
  • Serving as ambassadors for the university and its commitment to DEI externally in Pittsburgh and beyond

Progress toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future for Carnegie Mellon University requires commitment and engagement from everyone. I am excited for the work my office will support toward our shared goal to nurture and sustain a community where all feel welcomed and supported to thrive.

Dr. Wanda Heading-Grant
Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
Distinguished Service Professor, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Welcoming Dr. Wanda Heading-Grant to CMU

Farnam Jahanian, President and Henry L. Hillman President's Chair

"As a well-respected advocate and leader in higher education, Dr. Wanda Heading-Grant is a critical addition to the university leadership team and an invaluable asset to our community during this important journey." Farnam Jahanian, President and Henry L. Hillman President's Chair

James Garrett, Jr., Provost and Chief Academic Officer

"Dr. Heading-Grant is a skilled change agent, cultural architect, social worker, educator and a transformational leader. She is a servant leader and a doer." — Jim Garrett, Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Shernell Smith, Associate Dean and Executive Director of the CMU Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion

“Dr. Heading-Grant models restorative justice practices in her daily interactions. I believe this is what our entire community needs to manifest the vision we hope to achieve as an institution." — M. Shernell Smith, Associate Dean and Executive Director, CMU Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion

Santiago Carrasquila, Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering

“I know Wanda will create a platform where students feel comfortable, welcomed and empowered to grow. Students will be able to partner and become real stakeholders to make a positive difference in Pittsburgh, the CMU community and the undergrad and graduate student experience.” — Santiago Carrasquila, Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering