Carnegie Mellon University

What is the Center for Transformational Play?

The Center for Transformational Play (CTP) is a research center launched by the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science to house the research and development of transformational games. The CTP serves as the academic intersection of some of CMU’s greatest movers, shakers and positive changers; a hub for game development and research; and most of all a home-base for people who share a passion for the transformational power of interactive media and games. We aim for our work, to be joyful, effective, and valuable to those who engage with it.


Transformational games should be excellent games in their own right. We value the craft and the process of game design and believe making and playing transformational games should be fun, impactful, and rewarding. 


Transformational game experiences should be worthwhile, constructive, and fruitful. We integrate research into our work at every stage, from conception to deployment. 

…and Valuable

We respect the time of our players, partners, and members. We work in partnership with community stakeholders and honor our players’ needs.