Carnegie Mellon University

Using Hybrid Technology

These instructions apply to spaces that have been updated with new conference cameras and microphones to support a hybrid in-person and remote (IPR) learning environment.  

There are a limited number of rooms with resident video conferencing capabilities already in place. These VC rooms have room level cameras and audience microphones installed. The VC rooms require different setup and usage guidelines (see list of native VC rooms and guidance here).

Step 1: Connect Laptop

Connect your laptop to manage your presentation for both in-person and remote students. 
  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your laptop to use the touch panel and room projector.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your laptop to use the conference camera and microphone.
    NOTE: If using a Mac, you may need a USB-C to USB adapter.

Step 2: Start Meeting

  1. Open the Zoom app on your laptop.
  2. Click the Meetings icon. A list of your upcoming meetings will display.
  3. Click the Start button below the meeting you would like to begin.
  4. Click Join Audio and then click the Mute button.

TIP! As the meeting host,  you can manage participants, monitor chat, set participant controls and more!

Learn more about hosting a meeting or class

Step 3: Adjust Settings

Adjust the audio and video settings to use the conference camera and microphone during the Zoom meeting.

  1. Click the ^ arrow next to Mute/Unmute button and select Yamaha YVC-200 from the Select a Microphone list.
  2. Click the ^ arrow next to Start/Stop Video button and select Huddly GO from the Select a Camera list. 

IMPORTANT! These settings must be configured to provide quality audio and video for remote students during your meeting. 


Step 4: Share Screen

For In-Person Students

Use the touch panel to control what is presented in the classroom:

  • Under Device on the touch panel, tap Laptop. Your screen will be shared using the room projector in the classroom.

For Remote Students

Use the Zoom app to control what is presented in the Zoom meeting:

  1. Click Share Screen from within the Zoom meeting.
  2. Select either your desktop or a specific application and then click ShareThe toolbar will move to the top of the screen. The message You are screen sharing will display. 
  3. Click the Start Video button to display your video.
  4. Click the Unmute button to begin your presentation. 

Be sure to share your screen for BOTH in-person and remote students. 

Technology Overview

touch screen

Touch Screen 

The existing touch screen and room projectors control what is presented in the classroom. Visit each classroom’s Quick Reference Guide information for additional classroom technology help. 

conference camera

Conference Camera

The Huddly GO is a compact, wide-angle conference camera used to provide a view of the instructor's area (up to 150 degree wide angle). The camera can be manually adjusted (as needed) to capture different areas of the classroom.

Room Microphone

Room Microphone

The Yamaha YVC-200 microphone is intended to capture and enhance the instructor’s voice (up to a 2-meter/6.5 feet radius) for remote students. Volume control can be managed through the Zoom app or using the volume buttons (+/-) on the microphone.



Zoom, CMU's preferred web conferencing solution, is intended for remote learning support. Visit Zoom for additional class tips and help.