Carnegie Mellon University

Centrex Phone Service Details

Students have only local phone services. Faculty and staff receive all other Centrex phone services listed below.


Common area phones are available on each residence floor for emergency use and on-campus calling. Contact Housing Services for details.

Note: Student phone lines are not permitted to accept billed calls from collect or third-party numbers. If students receive such calls, they will be billed for the call, plus a $25 investigation fee.

Each academic department determines the graduate student telephone availability and long distance calling privileges. Contact the business manager of your department for details.

Faculty and Staff

The use of campus telephone facilities is primarily for the transaction of Carnegie Mellon business. With this in mind, note the following:

  • Unavoidable personal local calls may be made, but should be kept to a minimum.
  • Personal toll calls must be charged to home or personal telephones, personal calling cards, or reimbursed to the department.
  • Corporate calling cards for business use are issued on a request basis by Telecom.

Faculty and staff Equipment

All Telecom-supported equipment is owned by Telecom and is leased to the user. There is no charge for repairs, unless the damage was due to vandalism or negligence (e.g., spilling liquids on or dropping the equipment). Telecom will not install, move or repair any customer-provided equipment. Telecom supports the following types of telephones:

  • Meridian Business phones
  • Meridian Single Line phones
  • Comdial Single Line sets
  • Allen Tel Outdoor Cab phones
  • Elevator telephone sets
  • Emergency Security phones

We rely on voicemail services to answer calls when we are on the phone or away from our desks. While filling these basic needs, voicemail can also help departments with complex telephone features including:

  • Integrated voice and fax mailboxes
  • Caller information lines
  • Automated call processing
  • “Press 1 for… Press 2 for…” mailboxes
  • "Fax back” document services
Some examples of these features can be found in areas such as Athletics, Benefits, Computer Store, Campus Security, and Telecom’s ServiceLine. These added features are available based on the selected Voicemail Subscription Level.

You can reach the the Voicemail system at 8-6700, or 412-268-6700 off campus. Refer to the Voicemail Manual [pdf] for instructions on using the voicemail system at Carnegie Mellon University.   

Voicemail Policies

  • A mailbox must be used within one week of a subscriber receiving the document “First Time setup Information.” If a mailbox is not set up within one week, it will be deleted for security reasons. 
  • Voicemail has a feature that permits the caller to press “0” and be transferred to a live operator. If you are using this feature, the “0” destination must be answered by a person, not by a Voicemail mailbox.

A Text Telephone Display (TTD) payphone is available to the campus community. Located in Cyert Hall (A level) inside the Forbes Avenue entrance (near the vending machines), the phone allows individuals with hearing impairments to place calls at any time without prior arrangement

Carnegie Mellon University makes every effort to provide accessible programming and facilities to individuals with disabilities. For information on university accessibility and accommodations, refer to the Office of Disability Resources or email