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Media Duplication or Conversion

Existing video & audio residing on tapes, DVD's, CD-Rom's, and other mediums can be readily converted for playback on today's latest media player hardware - such as iPods and DVD drives. We can edit your source material into a new presentation, or simply encode it for a new medium.

Some examples: we can transfer footage and audio from a VHS tape to a DVD that will automatically playback on a computer or standard DVD player. We can take a mini-DV tape you have generated and convert it for playback on a computer screen as a Quicktime or Windows Media Player file. Even audio tapes and slides can be formatted for digital use. Let us know what you need.  (Art and design for the DVD or CD-Rom labels can be generated, providing the final polish for your newly-resurrected material.)  Visit our Media Gallery for a sample of our video production and multimedia design services.

Take a look at our Price List for an estimate of your costs. Price List fees should be viewed as guidelines: actual costs may vary depending on the specific nature of your project.

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