Carnegie Mellon University

Subha R. Das

Subha R. Das

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Projects in the Das Lab are centered on nucleic acids chemistry. We have developed conditions for click-chemistry for the rapid modification and functionalization of DNA and RNA. With these we can rapidly get branched nucleic acids. Branched RNAs are mimics and probes for biologically important regulatory RNAs and branched DNAs are opening up new avenues in nanotechnology. Additionally we are exploring nucleic acid polymer hybrids as novel materials and delivery agents for RNA based therapeutics.

Projects in the Das lab are multi-disciplinary and reflect collaborative efforts with the labs of Mark Macbeth (Carnegie Mellon University, Biological Sciences), Linda Peteanu, Bruce Armitage, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Carnegie Mellon University, Chemistry) and Vamsi Yadavalli (Virginia Commonwealth University, Chemical and Life Science Engineering).


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