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cmu_nextbannersfutureeducation_2000x150_ua-21-103_01.pngAs the educational landscape continues to change shape, we explore how CMU is leading learning and education for future generations.

A discussion about how CMU has developed a systematic and scientific approach that improves teaching and learning.

Traditional paradigms of education have been shifting, and the pandemic has served to catalyze and make evident greater needs and new opportunities.

Amy Burkert
vice provost for education


Keynote: A special presentation about how higher education will be transformed by modern society.



Learning engineering, the way we design and build learning environments, has been a part of CMU’s approach to education since Herb Simon coined the term more than 50 years ago.

This year, as the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way all educators and students teach and learn, it has played an important role in the way CMU faculty shape their classes.

“I find that my class engagement is actually extended now because, after the official lecture is over, there’ll be about two dozen students that stay behind to ask questions in chat. That never happens in the actual physical classroom.”

Ricky Law, associate professor

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