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cmu_nextbanners_2000x150_ua-21-103_02.pngAs we work to treat and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we look at CMU’s innovations that are contributing to the world’s health and well-being during the pandemic.

A discussion about how we can create a society that is more resilient against COVID-19 and future pandemics.

A deep dive into the world of vaccinology and how mRNA may be the start of a new era in virus and disease prevention.

cmu_next_openquote_2000.pngThe way the virus gets in is that one of these spiky proteins binds to one protein on the surface of your cell and it tricks your cell to eat up your virus. It’s a little like a Trojan horse kind of thing. The cell thinks there is something good coming in, let’s say food. It doesn’t know that the virus is coming in.

Markus Deserno
Professor of Physics, Mellon College of Science


CMU is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic with game-changing research that will ultimately contribute to the health and safety of society.

cmu_next_openquote_2000.pngWe definitely see that some people trust technology more than others as a result of the effectiveness of digital contact tracing technology.”

Beibei Li
Anna Loomis McCandless Chair and Associate Professor of IT and Management, Heinz College


COVID-19 is impacting the economy, health, education and sustainability of our society. Industry leading speakers, including CMU faculty, tackled the issues around these four core areas.





Panel Discussion: CMU’s Work Addressing COVID-19. Three CMU faculty members discuss how they are working to address the pandemic through their research, and how crucial it is to have accurate data in the management of COVID-19.

Tune In

Heinz College’s Consequential Podcast spends a season exploring lessons from the coronavirus in terms of technology and society. Topics include the use of public health data, remote education and the future of work. Listen to the recordings now.


Hosts Lauren Prastien and Eugene Leventhal examine the importance of collecting and using data for public health, the individual privacy concerns that arise as a result of this data collection, and the challenges of striking a balance between societal benefit and personal privacy.