Carnegie Mellon University


Research Areas

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University conducts both fundamental and applied research over a broad range of subject areas.  Six special emphasis areas emerge naturally from the highly collaborative approach that the department has adopted.

BIO  Biomolecular Engineering

CFE  Complex Fluids Engineering

CSS  Catalysis and Surface Science

ENV   Envirochemical Engineering

PSE  Process Systems Engineering

ESE  Energy Science and Engineering

The research in each of these areas reflects the classical subject areas of chemical engineering as depicted in the matrix below. Many faculty have activities in more than one area and many faculty also have appointments in other departments.
Research Topics
The research environment in the department is extremely collegial. Many faculty collaborate with colleagues in the department, with colleagues in other departments and with groups outside the university. Students are often co-advised by two faculty members, and laboratories and equipment are shared freely.

The department's research labs and computing facilities are housed in Doherty Hall in space that underwent a $28M renovation. The labs house state-of-the-art equipment for experimentation in many fields and high performance computing. The department adopted an open plan for its laboratories, which reflects the department’s commitment to collaborative as well as individual excellence.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to the highest standard of integrity in education and research. The Department adheres to the Carnegie Mellon University Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism as described in Academic Integrity   Students should familiarize themselves with the definitions and principles embodied in these documents.

The Research Brochure[pdf] of the Department of Chemical Engineering, containing more information about the department's research efforts and the faculty.

Research Centers

Chemical Engineering faculty have established several research centers across campus and with other universities.  The collaborative research environment provides students, faculty, and researchers a truly interdisciplinary opportunity to work toward solutions to today’s problems.

Undergraduate Research 

Faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering direct internationally recognized research efforts in many of the frontier areas of engineering science and technology. Many Chemical Engineering students take advantage of undergraduate research opportunities that reinforce and extend what they learn in their more traditional courses.