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The Task Force has formed four separate but interrelated subcommittees to make recommendations and strategies for accomplishing goals set forth in the charge. These subcommittees are committed to diving deep into research-based recommendations in their individual areas.

Our subcommittees are investigating within the following subject areas:

Empowerment & Structures:

Subcommittee Co-Chair: Mark Delos Reyes Davis, Associate Vice President and Campaign Director

The Empowerment and Structures subcommittee is tasked with examining the structural relationships between groups in our community and university processes to determine their influence on campus climate. The subcommittee will also evaluate the role of leadership in building, promoting, and supporting a respectful, inclusive, shared community, and, exploring ways to improve shared governance and decision-making in our community.

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Inclusion, Diversity and Equity:

Subcommittee Chair: Elizabeth Rosemeyer, Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Title IX Initiatives

The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity subcommittee seeks to identify key resources, initiatives and programs that engender a sense of belonging among students, faculty and staff at Carnegie Mellon University. This sub-committee is specifically tasked with identifying resources that also support intergroup dialogue, multicultural expressions, intersectional inclusion and positive identity development. Our goal is to make sound recommendations to the President's Task Force on Campus Climate co-chairs on evidence-based best practices that are in current use or may be used in the future to support inclusion, diversity and equity at CMU.

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Research and Discovery:

Subcommittee Co-Chair: Denise Rousseau, HJ Heinz II University Professor of Organizational Behavior 

The Research and Discovery subcommittee is tasked with identifying, collecting, and disseminating both internal and external research data related to efforts related establish respectful, diverse and equitable climates/ communities. Their efforts, where appropriate, will help to inform the other subcommittee efforts including in areas related to: (a) current & prior climate-related efforts at CMU; (b) research (from CMU & others) about best practices, relevant causes, etc.; (c) internal surveys & other data collection about the current climate at CMU, including design of questions/measures that we can use longitudinally to measure practice.

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Respect and Relationships:

Subcommittee Co-Chair: Holly Hippensteel, Associate Vice President for Community Standards and Diversity Initiatives

The Respect and Relationships subcommittee is tasked with addressing instances of hostile micro-climates on our campus communities, our response and reporting processes in tackling actions that do not comport in establishing respect on a campus, what intermediate responses are (or could be made) available between “doing nothing” and “filing an official complaint, and how we encourage and support respectful debate & discussion.

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International Location Subcommittees

Three additional subcommittees have been formed at our satellite locations in Adelaide, Qatar and Rwanda to work towards recommendations catered to their own unique cultural communities.