Carnegie Mellon University

Resources, Policies and Programs

Supporting a respectful, inclusive and empowered campus climate.

The Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Human Resources, Office of Title IX Initiatives, Faculty Review Committee and Office of the University Ombudsperson support the missions and values identified in these resources, policies and programs. 

The Task Force on Campus Climate canvased the university community to create this index of resources, policies and programs. This is not an exhaustive list, so we welcome your ideas, additions or updates on the following suggestion form. 

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Centers, committees and peers that promote inclusivity across the university.

Advocates in the Community

Members of the university who are responsible for promoting diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice. 

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion

A center that provides resources to achieve an inclusive and transformative experience for all students.  

Committee on Faculty, Diversity, Inclusion and Development

This committee advises President Jahanian on how the university might best recruit and retain a diverse, world-class faculty.

Staff Council Employee Relations and Grievance Committee

A confidential and objective peer resource to university staff experiencing workplace issue(s). 

Affinity Groups

Organizations, communities, and affinity spaces for students, faculty and staff who share similar experiences and/or interests. 

Carnegie Mellon Women's Association (CMWA)

Networking opportunities, social gatherings and educational programming for women across the university. 

First Together @CMU

A program that enhances the overall success of first generation college students at CMU. 

MCS Women in Science

Faculty and student gatherings for women to explore opportunities in science and share experiences with one another.

Find a Student Community at CMU

Student organizations served by the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion.

Demographics and Retention Efforts

University census information and retention efforts across the university.

Efforts in Recruitment and Retention and Equity

The following resources help hiring managers to attract, recruit and retain diverse talent across the university. 

Internal Reports

Reports solicited by individual members of special interest groups within the CMU community. 

  • Barriers to Diversifying CMU Faculty - Authored by Linda Babcock, Ph.D. and Rosalind M. Chow, Ph.D., and submitted to Interim Provost Laurie Weingart on December 2018. (Andrew ID login required)

Public Reports

Official summaries of student enrollment, undergraduate admission, employees, degrees granted, alumni, and space.

Disability Resources 

Resources for students, faculty, staff and visitors who have disabilities.

Office of Disability Resources for Faculty and Staff

Job accommodations and accessibility resources for faculty and staff members with short and long-term conditions.

Office of Disability Resources

Accommodations and resources to students with disabilities. 

Universal Access Committee

A committee dedicated to improving accessibility to those with physical and sensory disabilities. Email to report an accessibility concern or to recommend a project that will improve accessibility.

Health Benefits and Perks

Insurance options, wellness benefits and perks for the entire university community. 

Be Well at CMU

Opportunities, events, and resources on campus that encourage, educate and inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS)

A safe, confidential environment for students to talk about personal and academic concerns. CaPS also provides consultation services for faculty, staff and family members.

Employee Perks

Discounts to events, memberships, and vendors for CMU staff members.

Health Insurance Plans

A variety of medical, dental, and vision plans for benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

Student Perks

Free admission to local museums and venues in Pittsburgh for CMU students. 

Tuition and Childcare Benefits

Tuition remission and childcare assistance for benefits-eligible faculty and staff members for themselves and/or children.


Policies, Practices and Procedures

CMU policies, practices and procedures that govern the student, staff and faculty members.

Campus Community Policies

Campus-wide policies for faculty, staff and students.

  • Consensual Intimate Relationship
  • Freedom of expression
  • Policy Against Retaliation
  • Riotous and Disorderly Behavior
  • Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Faculty and Staff Policies

  • Academic integrity
  • Community Standards
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Privacy rights –students
  • Statement of Assurance
  • Students rights

CMU Student Handbook (the Word)

The CMU student handbook contains the university standards and policies expected of all students at the university. 

Student Policies

Policies that apply to all students attending Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Academic integrity
  • Community Standards
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Privacy rights –students
  • Statement of Assurance
  • Students rights

Professional Development and Orientations

Professional development and orientation opportunties for employees at all levels the university. 

Barbara Smith Women's Mentoring Program

staff-to-staff mentoring program that nurtures professional interests, career advancement, educational opportunities and job-related issues.

CMU Lead

A pilot program for staff aimed at fostering their development as leaders.

Faculty Development

Opportunities to help faculty flourish at all stages of their careers. 

Future Faculty Program

A program that helps graduate students develop and document their teaching skills in preparation for a faculty career.

Onboarding / Orientation

Orientation activies specific to incoming students, faculty and staff:

Training and Awareness Programs

Training and awareness programs available to all members of the CMU community. 

Allies: Safe Zone Training

A network of allies made up of CMU faculty, staff and students committed to providing a safe and affirming environment for the LGBTQ+ community.

Bias Busters

Educational sessions that discuss issues of bias, diversity, and inclusion. 

Civility Training Courses

Courses offered through FocusU that discuss workplace conflict and civil discourse.

Diversity Training Courses

Courses offered through FocusU that cover diversity topics in the workplace.

Green Dot Initiative

Year-round trainings that aims to eliminate power-based personal violence on our campus.

Inclusion Training Courses

Courses offered through FocusU that cover topics on inclusivity in the workplace. 

Professionalism Courses

Courses offered through FocusU that address accountability and professionalism in the workplace.

Workplace Conflict Courses

Courses offered through FocusU that help employees to resolve workplace conflict. 



Preventing Workplace Harassment Training

A required course for all new employees on preventing workplace harassment.