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Perhaps you are new CMU faculty or staff member interested in some the resources available on campus. Or maybe you're interested in learning more about accessing Box or using the Andrew Printing service. Or you may just be interested in reviewing one of the only courses required for all CMU undergraduates.

If any of these match your interests, we offer an Open & Free version of the course for you.
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Faculty & Staff Resources

Graduate Students

Typically, graduate students are physically on campus for a short duration, but in that time, you often need to have a vast understanding the resources available. The Open & Free version of C@CM will help you understand many of the common resources you will frequently be using while at CMU. Whether it's understanding how to access and navigate the University Libraries or understand your Academic Integrity responsibilities, C@CM can help.
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Graduate Student Resources


While much of C@CM is geared toward incoming freshmen and the experiences and resources typically encountered in the first few months of their academic careers, many of the topics discussed in the course are useful beyond just your first semester. If you have previously passed C@CM but would still like to access the course materials, our Open & Free version of the course is for you. All of the exposition and learning activities are included, but there is no grading or specific time limits for assignments.
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Upperclassmen Resources


Just because you are no longer a CMU student doesn't mean that you won't use some of the materials covered in C@CM. The course discusses avoiding phishing attempts, protecting your personally identifiable information, and other online security risks - none of which stop just because you graduate. Our Open & Free version of the course will allow you to review the course materials even after your daily life doesn't consist of darting between buildings between classes.

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Alumni Resources

Other Campuses

Attending CMU outside of the Pittsburgh location? Maybe you're in Qatar, Australia or Silicon Valley. Regardless of location, you are still a member of the CMU community. As such, having access to the Open & Free version of C@CM can help when you're evaluating sources, while researching, or collaborating on a project - with team member next door or an ocean away!
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Other Campus Resources